Aning + Michael | Kamaniiya River Villa Ubud Bali Wedding Day 2

Aning + Michael | Kamaniiya River Villa Ubud Bali Wedding Day 1
September 20, 2016
Heru + Alviena | Museum Bank Indonesia Wedding
November 18, 2016

Ubud’s bright blue sky welcomes us and made Kamaniiya River Villa more beautiful than yesterday. It has a private getaway/hidden paradise feels to it. The secluded location and modest entrance makes the whole experience exciting.

Aning and Michael was very laid back, after their Akad ceremony which held one day before. They welcomes the arriving friends and relatives. The atmosphere made everyone enjoy the moment, escaping from daily routine and just be there for Aning and Michael.

Vow exchange takes place under a huge old tree, with gorgeous green valley as a background, everyone was immersed with the occasion, the strings of words of wisdom and vows seems reminded everyone on how to cherish each other. The moment ended as the ambience of glorious afternoon sun gracefully fades out.

Dinner comes next, everyone enjoy their food on a nicely decorated tables accompanied by acoustic guitar playing in the background. Such a very good time when slides of Aning and Michael played by families and friends, and series of laughter warms up the night. First dance by the newly wed also made everybody cheers and gave them standing ovation. Last but not least, everybody need to join them on the dance floor, enjoying the beat from the music and celebrate the day.

Congratulations Aning and Michael! Wishing you a long and happy marriage. Lots of love today and beyond.