Aning + Michael | Kamaniiya River Villa Ubud Bali Wedding Day 1

Dina + Rado | Singapore Prewedding
September 3, 2016
Aning + Michael | Kamaniiya River Villa Ubud Bali Wedding Day 2
September 22, 2016

Aning is actually our friend from college, she has a unique and sparkling personality, which we are sure that her wedding will be special and how we are so wrong because it was eloquently amazing and beautiful! From the decor and venue, everything shouts Aning.

So here is the story of their amazing day.

We went to our first location for Aning’s Siraman, Alas Petulu Cottages. Siraman known as Javanese ritual ceremony where the bride/groom take a bath. This ritual is usually held one day before Ijab Kabul (the wedding). But at that moment, Siraman held in the morning before Ijab Kabul.

It was the first time we met Aning after more than five years! We were very excited to meet her. To get to know with her sisters, her family, and also her friends. They are all very friendly and helpful, which made Siraman ritual becomes festive at one moment, but also cheerful.